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Under Review


  • Nam, J., Balakrishnan, M., De Freitas, J., & Wood Brooks, A. Speedy activists: Firm reaction time to sociopolitical events influences consumer behavior.

  • De Freitas, J., Uǧuralp, K., Uǧuralp, Z. O., & Puntoni, S. The dark side of generative AI: Chatbots and mental health. SSRN.

  • De Freitas, J., Uǧuralp, K., Uǧuralp, Z. O., Paul, L., Ullman, T. D., & Tenenbaum, J. Self-orienting in human and machine learning. SSRN.

  • De Freitas, J., Uǧuralp, K., Uǧuralp, Z. O., Kim, P., & Ullman, T. D. Summarizing the mental customer journey. SSRN

  • De Freitas, J. Unselfish alibis increase choices of selfish autonomous vehicles. SSRN.

  • De Freitas, J., Zhou, X., Atzei, M., Boardman, S., Di Lillo, L. Public perception and autonomous vehicle liability. SSRN

  • Paul, L., Ullman, T. D., De Freitas, J., Tenenbaum, J. Reverse engineering the self. 

  • De Freitas, J., & Hafri, A. Moral thin-slicing. SSRN.

  • De Freitas, J., Khon, Z., Kim, P., & Johnson, S. G. B. The essentially moral firm. SSRN.


  • Prinzing, M., De Freitas, J., & Fredrickson, B. L. (2021). The ordinary concept of a meaningful life: The role of subjective and objective factors in attributions of meaning. Journal of Positive Psychology.  


  • De Freitas, J., Censi, A., Smith, B. W., Di Lillo, L., Anthony, S. E., & Frazzoli, E. (2021). From driverless dilemmas to more practical common-sense tests for automated vehicles. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [supp. materials]

  • De Freitas, J., & Cikara, M. (2021). Deliberately prejudiced self-driving vehicles elicit the most outrage. Cognition. [supp. materials]

  • Tarhan, L., De Freitas, J., & Konkle, T. Behavioral and neural representations en route to intuitive action understanding. Neuropsychologia [supp. materials]

  • Gan, C., Schwartz, J., Alter, S., Schrimpf, M., Traer, J., De Freitas, J., Bhandwaldar, A., Sano, M., Kim, K. H., Wang, E., Mrowca, D., Lingelbach, M., Curtis, A., Feigelis, K., Haber, N., Gutfreund, D., Cox, D., DiCarlo, J., McDermott, J., Tenenbaum, J., Yamins, D. L. K. ThreeDWorld: A Platform for interactive, multi-modal physical simulation. Neural Information Processing Systems. []







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  • De Freitas, J., Myers, N. E., & Nobre, A. C. (2016). Tracking the changing feature of a moving object. Journal of Vision, 16(3), 1–21.


  • Newman, J. E., De Freitas, J., and Knobe, J. (2015). Beliefs about the true self explain asymmetries based on moral judgment. Cognitive Science, 39(1), 96–125.




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